The Loch Ness Monster Is Likely Just A Loch Ness Cat Fish According To A Nessie Hunter

Scotland August, 1934. A photograph allegedly showing the Loch Ness monster. This photograph was revealed as a fake many years later.
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Quitting your job to hunt for mythical beasts seems like a fun idea on paper, but it isn’t very fun when the monster you’re hunting has never been confirmed to be real. You can’t tell 52-year-old Steve Feltham that, although he’s not entirely sure the beast is real either. What he does know is that he loves watching the water for sightings and he’s pretty sure there’s a reasonable explanation for all this Nessie junk.

According to an interview with Sky News, Feltham is fairly sure that the identity of the mythical Loch Ness Monster belongs to a cat fish. A big cat fish. A very big catfish:

“Looking at all the evidence, speaking to eyewitnesses, the most likely solution is a Wels catfish.”

The fish can grow up to four metres (13ft) long and weigh over 400kg (880lb).

Now if you’ve never glimpsed the Wels Catfish, here’s what we’re up against. It’s a huge lug of a fish:

The odd thing is that Feltham claims that there are objects in the water that are popping up as much bigger, but no fish has matched the description yet:

Mr Feltham claimed that sonar contact had picked up objects in the loch that were the size of an estate car.

This was even though the biggest creatures known in the loch were salmon and seals that sometimes chase them.

“We get sonar contacts with things that are far bigger than any fish that should live in this body of water,” he said.

And he admitted: “We only get one or two decent sightings a year.”

Feltham is still looking for a better theory to run by the general public and he’s essentially hoping that it isn’t actually the fish, but instead is a real nessie. I would rather bet on the fish. I mean look at this:

That’s going to feed your family for weeks or at least provide a funny story to tell at a dinner party or social function. “I caught this and it’s all mine.” Then four longshoremen come in and pummel you until you can’t see. Worth it.

(Via Sky News / CNN)