The Satanic Temple

The Satanic Temple Just Won The Right To Bring The Spirit Of The Holidays To Florida’s State Capitol


After a yearlong fight against the state of Florida, The Satanic Temple will be able to have their holiday cheer display with others.


Right On Cue, Here Comes Sarah Palin To Defend The Duck Dynasty Dude’s ‘Free Speech’ Rights


Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson said some awful stuff about gay people, so A&E suspended him. Enter Trixie Klondike and her army of minions.


Meet Justin Carter, The Kid Put In Jail For A Facebook Joke In Texas


Justin Carter made a crappy joke on Facebook... and he might not be out of jail for a decade. Inside one of the more troubling legal cases unfolding now.


Why Facebook Wants ‘Likes’ To Be Protected Speech


Facebook may have a strong self-interest in ensuring you can like what you want... but it works in our favor.


Watch Jon Stewart Stand Up For The Recently Arrested ‘Egyptian Jon Stewart’ On Last Night’s ‘Daily Show’


On last night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart stood up for jailed Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef, who is sometimes referred to as "the Egyptian Jon Stewart."


Courts Officially Can’t Make You Rewrite Yelp Reviews

You probably shouldn't trust Yelp reviews, but at least now, nobody can be legally blackmailed into changing theirs.


Miami Cops Delete Journalist’s Video of His Own Arrest — Except They Didn’t


We joke about cops deleting videos of them doing (or screwing up) their jobs on citizen's private devices, but it does reflect an unpleasant reality that those who are tasked with enforcing the law often believe they are above it.

police and thieves

Obama Wants You To Be Able To Film Cops With Your Mobile Devices


One of the biggest free speech issues, right now, is the fact that the police think they have the right, if they get filmed doing something, to take away a citizen's private device and delete any photos and videos of themselves.

write your congressperson

Small Flickers of Sanity Begin To Appear In Regards To SOPA

We're fairly critical of the Stop Online Piracy Act around here, the impossibly stupid bill Tumblr is going all-in to stop, mostly because it won't stop online piracy, but will instead hand corporations and the government the right to shut off any website they feel like, for any reason they feel like, any time they feel like doing so.


Wait, You Can Be Sued For Downloading Dirty Movies, Too?


Why are the only movies on the Internet even worth downloading in the first place the subject of lawsuits, when you can find them for free on so many websites anyway.

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