Exceedingly Butthurt Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Calling On Republicans To Quit Twitter Because The Company Banned Her

When Donald Trump was permanently banned from Twitter just two days after the Capitol insurrection on January 6, 2021, Marjorie Taylor Greene complained… but kept on tweeting.

Now that the crazy-eyed, conspiracy theory-lovin’ Georgia representative’s personal Twitter account has been booted from the site for regularly spreading misinformation about COVID, it’s a different story. On Tuesday night, Aaron Rupar shared a clip of Greene railing against Twitter during an appearance on Newsmax, and basically acting like being banned from a social media site that’s currently more interested in how a reality TV star was making $50,000 per week selling her own farts in a gross violation of Greene’s civil rights.

“We don’t need to have our speech controlled by Twitter,” Greene explained. “We need to be working for our constituents, those are who elected me. I represent their values and their voice and Twitter has attacked my district and, I would say, our country as a whole by kicking a member of Congress off of their platform.”

(Our country did not respond to our request for comment, but we have to imagine it would disagree with the congresswoman.)

It’s important to note here that while Greene’s personal Twitter account was permanently suspended, her professional one—the one under which the congresswoman, who has suggested that 9/11 was a hoax and has viciously harassed the teenaged survivors of school shootings, is still free to share whatever damn thoughts she desires—is still very much active. Which conveniently seems to have slipped her mind when she mentions things like “our constituents” and “my district.”

In order to add more forcefulness to her argument, Greene reminded viewers that Twitter also banned Trump “while he was a sitting United States president. So Twitter is completely out of bounds: No one elected them. No one put them in charge of what is information or what is misinformation. So I’m calling for everyone to leave Twitter.”

Yet, Greene’s professional account is still active, so…

(Via Aaron Rupar)