Chet Haze Has Some Important Lessons To Teach Us About Racism And Free Speech

News & Culture Writer
06.02.15 17 Comments

As you may know, Chester “Chet Haze” Hanks, the worst thing Tom Hanks has ever made, including Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, raised a few eyebrows yesterday when he started throwing the n-word around on social media all willy-nilly, because people just don’t understand the difference between offensive stereotypes and a guy who’s just trying to chase his dream.

But Haze isn’t backing down from the internet’s bullying, and has since released a new Instagram video explaining why it’s totally okay for him to use the n-word. Additionally, Mr. Haze has some wise and sage words to teach the world about hip-hop culture and the state of racism in today’s society… and he should know. He graduated from a very prestigious Los Angeles private school.

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