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Great Moments In Spring Break History: Welcome To Amsterdam!

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As if it were made for just this moment, closing out a week of Spring Break fun that six people enjoyed, our final installment in the Great Moments in Spring Break History comes from some college kids who decided to buck the beach trend and head overseas for a European experience.


Chris Kaman Is Right At Home In Texas

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Last December, when it was announced that center Chris Kaman had been traded by the Los Angeles Clippers as part of a package that would land them Chris Paul, word around the intertubes was that he was pretty bummed to be leaving the only NBA team that he’d ever played for, and especially since he was traded to one of the league’s worst teams in the New Orleans Hornets.


This Week In Perpetuating Stereotypes

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I was conducting my daily routine of Googling “cheerleaders” among other words, when I came across the above banner image that was taken a few weeks ago.

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ROFLMNBAO: This Linsane Week In NBA Pictures

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I'd like to be a NBA hipster and claim that I'm already over this damned Jeremy Lin hype, but I'd be lying.


This Stupidity Was Only A Matter Of Time

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I went to my local watering hole yesterday after work to enjoy a few sophisticated beverages before I attended the Orlando Magic game, and the barkeep tuned the image box to SportsCenter, which devoted about 70% of the show to New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin.


Japanese Runner Plays By Own Rules

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Only a week ago, Natsuki Terada was at the top of his game.


That Play Was A Wicked Pissah

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A few weeks back we brought you some footage of some Arkansas high school football announcers who were excited that there <a href="">“ain’t no flags”</a>, and that was a great joy that we all shared with everyone in the Natural State.


CFL Politely Cracks Down On HGH

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Happy Canada Day from your good friends at With Leather.


Zee French Have Queet Zee World Cup

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If the French World Cup team’s antics over the weekend are any indicator of how seriously the players are taking tomorrow’s match against South Africa, then they might as well pack up their berets and baguettes and head back to Paris.


Phil Jackson Tells Bulls To Suck It

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Only days after the Chicago Bulls used super ultra secret back alley black market telepathic methods to beg Phil Jackson to return and save the franchise, the Zen Master has declined, telling reporters before last night's Game 5 loss to Phoenix that he will not, under any circumstance, return to coaching the Bulls.

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