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Watch This Young Magician Bring Thug Life To The World Of Magic


A slight edit and some musical changes turn this magic kid into a hardcore thug.


Don't Worry, This Amazing T-Rex Paper Illusion Is Not Judging You While You Masturbate

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This T-Rex paper illusion would be well worth the time, effort and paper cuts of printing, constructing and video taping all the magic you've created.


Watch A Man Freak Strangers Out On The Street With An Body-Cut-In-Half Illusion


Andy Gross obviously loves f*cking with people. That's okay in our book.


Amazing Anamorphic Illusions


Prepare to have your mind blown.


Step Into an Optical Illusion


In Demon Hill, the rules of gravity don't apply as you expect them to.


Student Creates Magic Major, Parents Cry Over Lost Thousands

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Just to break from the "royal we" for a moment, your correspondent on this story is, in fact, an avid juggler.

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