Why Comcast Is About To Lose Its Data Caps

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Comcast is trying to merge with Time Warner Cable, but if it realistically wants that to happen, it's going to have to kiss its data caps goodbye.


Verizon Might Already Be Throttling Your Netflix Connection And Admitting To It!

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A customer service conversation ends up revealing that Verizon might already be limiting Netflix and other services following their net neutrality victory.

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Can Congress Fix The Cable Industry And Give Hope To Cord Cutters?

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New legislation aims to loosen the vice grip on media distribution while providing freedom of choice to consumers.


Why Verizon Should Drop Its Net Neutrality Case


Because, Verizon, you're gonna lose. And you're gonna lose bad.

corporations are more people than actual people people

Alleged Libertarians Oppose Net Neutrality, Get First Amendment Wrong

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You'd think the kind of people who claim to be dedicated to individual liberty and freedom would be all for net neutrality, but apparently it's Communist or something.


America's Internet Sucks So Much, Even Libertarians Are Complaining

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<a href=""></a>We don't mean to tease libertarians, but it's just so easy when they automatically default to "the free market solves everything.


Internet Founding Father Calls Out Comcast On Their Data Caps


<a href=""></a>We <a href="">mentioned a while back</a> that Comcast had decided that they would just stone-cold ignore the rules over net neutrality, declaring that using their streaming apps and other goodies on the XBox 360 <a href="">wouldn't count against customer data caps.</a> That smells bad to a lot of people, including Vint Cerf, one of the key players in writing TCP/IP, and essentially one of the founding fathers of the modern Internet.

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Comcast Shows Net Neutrality Is A Joke With New XBox Service

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<a href=""></a>Look, Comcast, we get it: you think we're stupid.


Why We Love The RIAA And ISPs Trying to Police Piracy

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As you may have heard, starting July 12th, ISPs like Comcast and Time Warner and the RIAA have entered into an agreement where, if they see "suspicious activity," they'll offer a "graduated response," <a href="">essentially sending you a few nasty emails and then cutting off your Internet service</a>.


All The Animal News That’s Fit To Print


Animal News The bobcat seen above climbed a 40-foot-tall cactus in Arizona to hide from a mountain lion.


Is Samsung Poised For A Bigger Year?

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At the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Samsung is expected to announce its next big Galaxy item, this time in the form of a media-playing device, much like the iPod Touch.

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