These Runaway Llamas Took Over Twitter And Nearly Broke The Internet

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These two runaway llamas captured the heart of a nation and took over Twitter for the better part of a day.

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GUEST PFT COMMENTARY: What Today’s Net Neutrality Ruling Means For The Future Of Internet Takes

By | 31 Comments

You may have heard about the FCC's net neutrality ruling. PFT Commenter is here to help you understand what the ruling means to the future of takes.


Today’s Net Neutrality Vote: Sorting Truth From Hype

By | 91 Comments

The Internet dodged an enormous bullet today. Here's why.


Watch The Anti-Net-Neutrality Porn Parody

By | 4 Comments

Net neutrality opponents have a truly strange porn parody for you to watch.


Here’s How Obama Is Planning To Improve Your Internet

By | 32 Comments

American Internet infrastructure will almost certainly come up in the State of the Union tonight. Here's what Obama will talk about.

#John Oliver

John Oliver’s Net Neutrality Antics Just Inspired A Groundbreaking Bill In Washington State

By | 21 Comments

Comedian and political satirist John Oliver has inspired a bill that is being introduced into Washington State Senate today.

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These Friendly Porn Stars Might Help You Understand Net Neutrality

By | 11 Comments

FINALLY, someone (porn stars) explains net neutrality in words us country bumpkins can understand.


Here’s Everything You Need To Know About President Obama’s Net Neutrality Announcement

By | 28 Comments

Obama just pushed for more net neutrality. But there's less to it than you might think.


Netflix Caves In To Verizon’s Cease-And-Desist Demands

By | 12 Comments

Verizon told Netflix to stop blaming them for bad connections, and Netflix apparently has obliged.


Ranking The Best And Worst Internet Service Providers Based On Netflix Speed. Where Does Yours Rank?

By | 31 Comments

How does your ISP stack up to the other major ISPs in its ability to deliver a quality Netflix experience?


Netflix Wants You To Know That Verizon Is Screwing You; Verizon Wants Netflix To Shut The F*ck Up

By | 33 Comments

Netflix is alerting customers that Verizon is throttling their streaming speeds; Verizon would like them to stop.


What John Oliver And His Army Of Trolls Are Getting Wrong About Net Neutrality

By | 12 Comments

John Oliver means well, but he, and the rest of the pro-net-neutrality team, are getting the argument completely wrong.


John Oliver Took On Net Neutrality Last Night And We’re All The Better For It

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Watch this immediately to become smarter and better at cocktail parties all while laughing.

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The FCC’s New Net Neutrality Rules: What You Need To Know

By | 2 Comments

The FCC is trying to salvage net neutrality... by going the passive-aggressive route.


Google And Netflix Are Teaming Up Against The FCC’s Net Neutrality Plan

By | 6 Comments

When Google and Netflix join up, there's nothing they can't do. Except maybe stop buffering when I watch re-runs.


Here Is What’s Actually Going On With The FCC And Net Neutrality

By | 3 Comments

The FCC isn't making an about-face on net neutrality. But it is struggling with choosing which bad option is the least awful.


The FCC Has Changed Its Stance On Net Neutrality And It May Spell Doom For The Internet As We Know It

By | 20 Comments

The FCC effectively killed net neutrality and your ability to Internet properly in the future.

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Why Comcast Is About To Lose Its Data Caps

By | 7 Comments

Comcast is trying to merge with Time Warner Cable, but if it realistically wants that to happen, it's going to have to kiss its data caps goodbye.

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