Baauer Is Mad At Ajit Pai For Using ‘Harlem Shake’ In His Corny Net Neutrality PSA: ‘F-ck This Guy’

The Obama-era net neutrality regulations have been repealed, and a ton of people are super unhappy about it, such as everybody who uses the internet. Ajit Pai, the Chairman of the United States Federal Communications Commission who has become the widely hated face of the repeal, decided it would be a good idea to release a corny PSA a day before the vote.

The core message of the video, which was published by conservative news website Daily Caller, was that our overall online experience would remain largely unchanged going forward, and he illustrated this by taking selfies, dressing as Santa while holding a fidget spinner and a Nerf gun, and, as he accurately describes it in the clip, ruining memes by dancing to “Harlem Shake.” It’s that last example that Baauer, the song’s creator, isn’t too thrilled about.

Diplo spotted the clip and asked Baauer on Twitter, “Did the FCC license your song for this? This is your moment to become a hero. Call the lawyers.” Baauer then responded, “I’m taking action. Whatever I can do to stop this loser.” Before answering Diplo’s tweet, a fan asked him how he felt about being a part of the video, and he responded succinctly and emphatically: “F-ck this guy.’

There’s no word yet on what Baauer plans to do about this situation, but it’s worth noting that it was Daily Caller that published the video and not the FCC, so any issue Baauer has would presumably have to be taken up with the website. At the very least, Baauer can rest easy knowing that the YouTube video, which has nearly 700,000 views as of this posting, has about 5,600 likes and many more dislikes: around 145,000 of them.