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Nets Unveil “The Experience” in Brooklyn

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While the current state of the NBA has basketball fans world down, some great things are still happening.


All Star Watch: The Nets Are Bad, But Brook Lopez Isn’t

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Calling a player from the New Jersey Nets an All-Star is like calling The Real World/Road Road Rules Challenge a Golden Globe award-winning show.

Wilson Chandler

Summer of 2010 Watch: Nets Are A Much Better Option Than The Knicks

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The Knicks play in one of the biggest cities in the world, in the most famous arena.


Nets Watch 2009: The Basketball Gods Will Be Kinder To The Nets Next Week

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After losing to the Mavs last night, the Nets achieved the inevitable by starting the season 0-18, which is now the worst start in NBA history.

#Chris Paul

5 Sophomores You Need To Watch

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They fetched donuts, they rode the pine at times and they got their feet wet.


Rent A Net For $25K

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Imagine Devin Harris dropping by your pool party.

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