#House of Cards

Weekend Preview: A ‘House Of Cards’ Binge, A ‘Walking Dead’ Turning Point, And Several Premieres

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'House Of Cards' season 3, 'The Walking Dead' hit a turning point, and 'Battle Creek', 'Secrets And Lies', And 'The Last Man On Earth' debut

#Sons Of Anarchy

Antichrist Guest Star: Ranking Marilyn Manson’s Creepiest Acting Roles

By | 15 Comments

Marilyn Manson has had quite a few acting cameos over the years, and we're ranking the creepiest.

#The Newsroom

Weekend Preview: ‘The Newsroom’ Says Goodbye

By | 22 Comments

A chupacabra goes to Portland on 'Grimm', Martin Freeman hosts 'Saturday Night Live', and 'The Newsroom' comes to an end.


The Two Most Popular Shows On Netflix Are Not What You Think They Are

By | 58 Comments

The two most popular shows on Netflix are not 'Orange is the New Black' and 'House of Cards.' In fact, they aren't even Netflix originals.


Weekend Preview: Will ‘The Walking Dead’ Go Out With A Bang?

By | 5 Comments

The 'Walking Dead' has its mid-season finale, it's 'Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever', and there's an exorcism on 'Constantine'.


Weekend Preview: Carol And Daryl Get Lost In The Woods On ‘The Walking Dead’

By | 3 Comments

Woody Harrelson hosts 'Saturday Night Live', Carol finds trouble on 'The Walking Dead', and Emma loses it on 'Once Upon A Time'.


What Will The Live-Action Cast Of ‘Frozen’ Look Like On ABC’s ‘Once Upon A Time’?

By | 4 Comments

A first official look at Elsa on 'Once Upon a Time,' plus who will play the rest of the 'Frozen' cast?


Local Anchor Rips Viewers Who Complained About ‘Once Upon A Time’ Getting Interrupted For Tornado Coverage

By | 19 Comments

Shout out to the sensible viewers who called in to complain about coverage of a natural disaster interrupting their stories.

once upon a time in wonderland

ABC Made A Hilarious Boo-Boo With Its On-Screen Promos During 'Once Upon A Time' Last Night

By | 31 Comments

The stars aligned last night to give us a perfect on-screen promotion for "Wonderland" during ABC's "Once Upon a Time."


Might Gus Fring Return To ‘Breaking Bad’?

By | 44 Comments

Giancarlo Esposito says there's discussion that his character, Gus Fring, might return in the second half of season five of "Breaking Bad."


NBC Has One New Show That’s Doing Well

By | 13 Comments

With all the talk about how poorly NBC is doing (not to mention the evidence), it's worth noting that the network has picked up "Grimm" for a full season after its strong performance on Friday nights -- and will even give the show a tryout on a Thursday night next month.


What? Why? I Don’t Understand.

By | 19 Comments

"Once Upon a Time" has some of the stupidest, clunkiest dialogue I've heard this fall season, but that didn't stop 12.


Pilot Review: ‘Once Upon a Time’

By | 11 Comments

I got my hands on some of the pilots for fall’s new shows.


Hey TV Networks, Stop Making Shows About Goddam Fairy Tales

By | 14 Comments

Below is the first promo for NBC's "Grimm," which re-imagines fairy tales as real-life crimes and follows the cops who try to solve the cases.

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