George R. R. Martin Went Total Comic Book Guy On Stan Lee And Jack Kirby In A 1963 Letter

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Young George R. R. Martin was pretty sure Fantastic Four #17 was the worst...issue...ever.

your tax dollars at work

The Secret Service Is Building A Sarcasm Detector? Oh, That’ll End Well.

By | 9 Comments

The Secret Service is such a bunch of stiffs they need a sarcasm detector. No, really. They're buying one.


How To Handle ‘Borderlands 2′ And Its Supposedly Impossible Difficulty

By | 28 Comments

'Borderlands 2' advice with only a little bit of condescension and sarcasm. OK, more than a little.

the dark knight rises

Your Sarcastic Guide To Alleged Plot Holes In ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

By | 140 Comments

The Dark Knight Rises is a great blockbuster, but apparently it also has to be scientifically accurate and make sense to armchair screenwriters.


Computers Now Understand Sarcasm. Yeah, Sure They Do.


When Israel isn't creating Terminators, apparently they're going after other bad ideas, like teaching robots about human behavior, especially the human sense of humor, by using the Internet.

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