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Europa: NASA Starts ‘The Final Countdown’ For Mission To Find Life

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NASA is planning to send a robotic mission to Europa, one of Jupiter's moons, to collect water samples and search for life.


Before Hollywood Ruins Them: 14 Sci-Fi and Supernatural Scripts On The 2013 Black List

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This year's Black List, a ranking of executives' favorite screenplays of the year, is out now. Here are 14 that are relevant to our interests.


Chris Hadfield And Conan Discuss ‘Gravity’ And The Accuracy Of Sandra Bullock’s Underwear

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Astronaut and internet sensation Chris Hadfield visited Conan to discuss his new book, 'Gravity' and the accuracy of Sandra Bullock's underwear.


Lady Gaga Will Perform In Space. No, Seriously, Lady Gaga Will Perform In Space.

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Lady Gaga will travel on Virgin Galactic to perform in outer space during Zero G music festival in 2015. Seems fitting.


It’s Business Time: Bret McKenzie Is Making An Animated Series About NASA


Bret McKenzie from Flight of the Conchords -- sorry, we meant <a href="">Oscar winner</a> Bret McKenzie -- is developing an animated comedy series set in a NASA space center.


Japan Has Invented A Space Cannon

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Japan has built a space cannon, and now they're going to go blow up an asteroid. Your move, NASA.


How did they create those special effects in Gravity?

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In this jaded media age, when we've already seen bullet time, 3D blue cat monkeys, apes made human by Andy Serkis, and Cleatus the robot football player, it's rare to see anything on television or film that makes you say "how the hell did they do that.

space burial

You Can Go To Space For Only $2,000 — All You Have To Do Is Die

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Space burial, now available for less than the computer you're reading this on!


New badass clip from Gravity – ‘Detached’

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The buzz around Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity has been intense almost since it was first announced.


Video: A Female Astronaut Teaches Us How To Wash Our Hair In Outer Space


International Space Station astronaut Karen Nyberg posted a video explaining how she washes her hair in outer space with no gravity.


How to Wash Your Hair in Space


Astronaut Karen Nyberg demonstrates how she washes her hair aboard the International Space Station.


The Space Toilet


Astronaut <a href="">Chris Hadfield</a> explains how to use the bathroom in space, and the phenomenon such an event creates.


A Russian Man Paid $1.5 Million For A Trip To Space With Leonardo DiCaprio

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A Russian businessman was a big bidder at the Cannes amfAR benefit auction, as he paid $1.5 million for a ride on Virgin Galactic with Leonardo DiCaprio.


It Looks Like NASA’s Kepler Telescope Has Come To The End Of The Road

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NASA's orbiting Kepler telescope may have found its final exoplanet. We say farewell in the most appropriate manner we know how.


Gravity (Trailer)


George Clooney and Sandra Bullock try to survive in space after their shuttle is destroyed by debris, leaving them stranded with no way to communicate with Earth.

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