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george clooney

Gravity (Trailer)


George Clooney and Sandra Bullock try to survive in space after their shuttle is destroyed by debris, leaving them stranded with no way to communicate with Earth.


Hockey Fans Are Making Weird Requests About The Toronto Maple Leafs Playoff Run

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The Toronto Maple Leafs haven't touched the Stanley Cup in 46 years.


Three More Exoplanets Discovered In The Habitable Zone, Including The Smallest One Yet


NASA's Kepler telescope has discovered three more exoplanets in the habitable zone of their solar system to add to our growing tally.

chris hadfield

How Astronauts Sleep in Space


CSA Astronaut <a href="">Chris Hadfield</a> demonstrates how astronauts sleep in space.

Real Estate

The Man Who Sells the Moon


Dennis Hope has made a living selling plots of land -- on the moon.


The Sun As You've Never Seen It


This extraordinary video looks back on the third year of operation of NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory.


Fiery Looping Rain on the Sun


Incredible footage of a powerful solar flare exploding on the sun, sending out light and radiation followed by a dazzling phenomenon known as coronal rain.

chris hadfield

Making Sandwiches in Space


Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield demonstrates how he prepares a 0-g treat.

chris hadfield

The Best Of Commander Chris Hadfield’s Reddit AMA… IN SPAAAACE!


Commander Chris Hadfield is currently aboard the International Space Station, orbiting Earth 16 times a day. He gave a Reddit AMA Sunday, summarized here.


Lie Witness News: Did You See The Asteroid?


Jimmy Kimmel asked people on the street if they saw the asteroid that hasn't passed Earth yet.


How to Clip Your Fingernails in Space


Astronaut Chris Hadfield shows how the crew of the International Space Station clip their nails in space.


Meme Watch: You Will Not Go To Space Today

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We've collected 25 of our favorite reasons 'You Will Not Go To Space Today', including seven exclusive pictures we captioned ourselves.


Most Intense Reality Show Ever Will Send You On A One-Way Trip To Mars

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Have you ever wanted to be an astronaut and leave the Earth behind for good? Now you can, with a reality show from Mars One about colonizing Mars.

chris hadfield

Here's What The Australian Wildfires Look Like From Space

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Remember the astronaut who awesomely replied to William Shatner on Twitter? He's back with photos of the planet, specifically Australia's ongoing wildfires.


Important News: Neil Armstrong Gave Felix Baumgartner Advice On Space Pooping


In what we have dubbed <a href="">one of our most important and biggest sports moment of 2012</a>, and according to <a href="">my team of hard-working fact-checkers</a>, Austrian daredevil and Red Bull pimp Felix Baumgartner flew to the edge of the Earth, approximately 24 miles above the ground, and jumped from his tiny capsule to earn the title of the Craziest Bastard That You’ll See This Year.


Why The World Didn’t End Yesterday


NASA is so sure the world won't come to an end on Dec.

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