Everything You Need To Know About Sending A Weather Balloon Into Space

Attention all you amateur bottle rocket launchers: Think bigger. A weather balloon space launch could be in your future. As the Tested team shows you in the video above, it takes vision, a few supplies (GPS, helium, a meteorological balloon), and versatile pick-up truck like the Honda Ridgeline. Why do you need the truck? To schlep all those supplies to the right location at 3am to launch one of these bad boys… and then to find the balloon when it falls, wherever it falls.

Did the Tested team succeed at their very own Apollo 11 mission? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Much like a backseat bathtub or trunk-based meat cooker, the power of dreams are alive and well if you’re able to hatch them with the right vision, the right team, and the right truck. At the end of the day, how else are you going to power a balloon into the atmosphere while booming the soundtrack for 2001: A Space Odyssey? You need to have the right ride.

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