Here’s Why Stephen Hawking Thinks We Should Start Colonizing Planets ASAP

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Leaving 'The Theory of Everything' behind for 'Interstellar', the famous physicist thinks humanity's only hope is to conquer other planets.

Artificial Intelligence

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence scared the hell out of some really smart people in 2014. But it shouldn't have. Here's why.


Stephen Hawking Thinks He’d Make A Perfect James Bond Villain

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In a new interview, Stephen Hawking says that he'd like to expand his already impressive acting portfolio by playing a 'James Bond baddie.'

the theory of everything

Big Smiles, Cute Tears: The Able-Bodied Actor’s Guide To Playing A Character With A Disability

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In Honor of 'A Theory of Everything,' pro-tips for able-bodied actors looking to score quick-fix noms.


Damn! Martin Luther King Just Got Punched In The Face In The Trailer For ‘Selma’

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I actually gasped when MLK got punched in this trailer. Sh*t was f*cked up.


Stephen Hawking Has Joined Facebook To Gain A Greater Understanding Of Time Sucks


Stephen Hawking has joined Facebook to promote curiosity, communicate, and hopefully post his thoughts about 'Scorpion'.

the theory of everything

Stephen Hawking Has A Way With Ladies In The New Trailer For ‘The Theory Of Everything’

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The second trailer for the Stephen Hawking biopic 'The Theory for Everything,' exhibits the love story with his wife, Jane Wilde.

theoretical physics

The First Trailer For The New Stephen Hawking Biopic Will Make U Cri Evry Time

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Stephen Hawking won't love his wife Jane Wilde forever... he'll love her 5 ever. :,( </3


Stephen Hawking Taught John Oliver To Fear Robots, And It Was Brilliant

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Stephen Hawking teaches John Oliver to fear robots, like every smart person should.


Stephen Hawking Is Not The Biggest Fan Of Artificial Intelligence

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Stephen Hawking wrote up a piece for The Independent about the film 'Transcendence' and our real world future with artificial intelligence.

Time Travelers Party

Attention Time Travelers, Stephen Hawking Is Still Having A Party In 2009 And You Are Still Invited

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Professor Stephen Hawking is still holding out hope that time travelers will attend his party back in 2009.


Hawking (Trailer)


A rare behind-the-scenes look at the life and story of the planet's most famous living scientist, Stephen Hawking.


12 Fascinating True Stories About Guest Stars On 'The Simpsons'

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"Ken Griffey, Jr. did not understand his line 'there's a party in my mouth and everyone's invited' and got quite frustrated when he was recording it."


The Long Musical Career of Stephen Hawking

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Pop culture only has room for a few scientists, and ever since Carl Sagan went to the stars, the most prominent scientist in popular culture is Stephen Hawking.


Awesome Rumor Of The Day: Stephen Hawking Loves Sex Clubs

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Last month Stephen Hawking was asked what he thinks about most often during his days, and he replied, "Women.


And Now, Why Stephen Hawking Is Awesome


Is it because he's one of the greatest physicists in pop culture history.


1.9 The Cooler

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Alyna Silva Delonte West Banned from Mavericks’ White House Visit [LBSports] M.

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