And Harlem Shook For The Final Time

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As I was checking my emails this morning, a friend had sent me a video to some other site’s “hilarious parody” of Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” and I didn’t watch because I’ve already watched at least 20 other parodies of that song and they’re all awful.


The Harlem Shake In Sports Is Dead, Long Live Whatever This New Meme Is Called

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Around the same time that someone in the New York Mets organization said, “Hey we should do one of those Harlem Shake videos”, the crazy kids of the Internet were already neck deep in the latest meme - Hadouken’ing or Kamehameha’ing, depending on whom you ask.


And Now, The ‘Harlem Shaq’


For 'Gangnam Style,' it was Jimmy Johnson.


To Make Me Feel Better About Myself, Here's The Orlando Magic Dancing Dads


HEY MAGIC FANS, please welcome Orlando's Dancing Dads, a group of old guys in Magic jerseys who shake their booties, shake it like a salt shaker and ultimately do the Harlem Shake.

#LeBron James

The Miami Heat Did That Thing That Isn't Actually The Harlem Shake

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By the time 2013 wraps up and is in the books , the award for Biggest Villain will probably be locked up by one of three people – Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump or whoever created the Harlem Shake fad.


With Leather’s Watch This: Ndamukong Suh Knows What He’s Watching

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It's Katherine Webb's ass in case you're confused as to what Ndamukong Suh is watching.

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