The Miami Heat Did That Thing That Isn't Actually The Harlem Shake

By the time 2013 wraps up and is in the books , the award for Biggest Villain will probably be locked up by one of three people – Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump or whoever created the Harlem Shake fad. I don’t mean the song, mind you. I mean this recent meme of people dancing like A-holes to the song “Harlem Shake”, as it has been quite the decisive topic among people with too much time on their hands.

Some people, including approximately 80% of my idiot Facebook friends, think these Harlem Shake videos are hilarious. Others treat them like utter blasphemy, based on the fact that the people in the videos aren’t actually performing the Harlem Shake. But then there’s a third party, including indifferent people like me, who don’t really give a crap, and would prefer to watch goats scream during the choruses of popular songs above all else.

Yet here we are, discussing this Miami Heat Harlem Shake video that started popping up on the webs and bloggy blogs last night. And I’m not bringing it up, because I hate it or love it. I have a completely different reason for bringing this up.

The Heat have 27 games left in this long-as-hell regular season, and unless the Earth opens up and swallows LeBron James, they’re going to finish as the No. 1 seed in the East. And they’re still not even playing at 100% yet in terms of trying and caring. So I see this video as less of “Hey guys, let’s join in the fun!” and more as “F*ck you, we’re just having fun right now.” That’s terrifying.

At this point, if I could bet on James averaging a triple-double in the playoffs, I’d be eagerly waiting to turn my shiny nickel into two dimes.

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