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Atlanta Train Station Elevators Are Now Armed With Piss Detectors

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Apparently, subway elevators are so stinky Atlanta took drastic action.

Russian Subway Door Fail


If you're ever on the subway in <a href="">Russia</a>, it's probably best that you not sit near a door.


Girl Nearly Dies Retrieving Phone From Subway Tracks


A young Brazilian girl jumps onto the tracks of the Corinthians-Itaquera subway station in the East Zone of São Paulo to pick up her cell phone, and narrowly avoids an oncoming train when a security guard comes to her rescue.


Woman, Son Rescued From Subway Tracks


A distracted woman who tumbled onto the tracks in a Boston area subway stop -- with her 4-year-old son in her arms -- is rescued by quick-thinking commuters.


Storm Troopers on a Subway Train

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<a href="" target="_blank">Improv Everywhere</a>'s latest stunt involved dressing up like Storm Troopers (.

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