The Best Pro Wrestling Moments That Happened On Or Around Trains, Ranked

08.07.17 2 years ago 4 Comments

New York City subway shenanigans are all the rage when it comes to viral popularity lately. Not long after people were obsessed with not realizing the peacock this handsome bar manager was dragging around underground was fake, the internet shifted its focus to a group of WWE fans reenacting a Royal Rumble on the subway.

Not ones to miss an opportunity for a good retrospective, we went ahead and compiled a worst-to-best ranking of pro wrestling’s train moments. No, seriously, there are way more than you’d think. Some of them are even good! Don’t believe us? Well tough nuggets, ‘cuz this list is leaving the station!

Honourable Mention: John Cena Gets Scammed By Sh*tty Fast Food

Shout out to this kid for taking advantage of John Cena’s apparently voracious appetite for food you can buy for $7 at a rest stop in Connecticut and trading a pile of cold cuts for what would have resulted in an exorbitant appearance fee for a healthy child. Hell yeah, get yours little man.

Every Time Jared From Subway Showed Up

We can’t talk about wrestling and subways in the same breath without revisiting horrible pervert Jared Fogle and his rich history of WWE appearances. Because he’s a terrible person (who they don’t have to retroactively remove from the Hall of Fame, lucky break), let’s focus instead on this clip of CM Punk. Is his line delivery of “Go get me Jared from Subway” the best thing he did during his SES era? For the sake of hyperbole and the theme of this list, yes. Yes it is.

Also, take a second to think about how two of the three wrestlers in the ring are back with WWE now, and none of them are CM Punk. Didn’t see that one coming, huh?

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