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The Pope Thinks Families Should Communicate Directly

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It'd be a lot easier to take the Bishop of Rome more seriously if he didn't already go by the Twitter handle @Pontifex.

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Read This Insane Breakup Text A Woman Received From Her Ex-Boyfriend

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Don't mention a cat in a breakup text message. Otherwise, you're going viral.


Now Groot Will Answer Your Texts (Plus A Mashup Of Other Trees Vin Diesel Voiced)

By | 3 Comments

Groot now has a text message service, and we have a mashup of the other famous trees you didn't know were voiced by Vin Diesel.


Here’s Proof Hollywood Is Getting Better At Using Texting And The Internet In Movies


Admit it, those 'House of Cards' texting bubbles are pretty genius.


What’s The Deal With The ‘Seinfeld’ Emoji? They’re Available On iTunes Now.

By | 9 Comments

If you thought it was all a joke, the 'Seinfeld' emoji are actually here and available for free on iTunes.


Richard Linklater Tells Us What To Do When Someone Talks Or Texts During A Movie

By | 8 Comments

Are you trying to enjoy a movie but someone is babbling during it? Richard Linklater explains what to do in that moment.


Meet GroupXiT: An App That Frees You From Group Texts


Group texts can be a digital plague; thankfully, there's an app to solve this problem, called GroupXiT.


A Russian Athlete Put His Phone Number On His Helmet And All The Nude Pics Ensued

By | 7 Comments

Hundreds of female fans texted Russia's Alexey Sobolev nude pics after the Olympic snowboarder put his phone number on his helmet.

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Watch A Texting Driver Bring Swift, Painful Justice Upon Himself With The Worst Turn In Human History

By | 28 Comments

A driver who was later determined to be texting behind the wheel receives a gorgeous dose of Instant karma.


Alamo Drafthouse And Siri Have Teamed Up To Ruin Your Social Life And Thwart Texting In Movies


If Siri becomes self-aware at some point, we have Alamo Drafthouse to blame for putting stuff like this in her infinitely advanced brain.


Madonna Was Banned From A Movie Theater For Texting

By | 3 Comments

Doesn't matter who you are — Alamo Drafthouse will ban you if you text.


Expert Ways To Handle Wrong Number Texts


Here are some brilliant ways to combat the next "wrong number text" you receive.


Man Texting on Hood of Speeding Car on Saudi Highway


If you think texting and driving is dangerous, wait until you see this.

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The Lannister Plotline From This Week's 'Game Of Thrones' Perfectly Encapsulated In A Single Text

By | 25 Comments

The best summary of last week's 'Game of Thrones' Lannister plotline from an unusual source.


The Best Of ‘Texts From Superheroes’, A Superpowered Parody Site

By | 4 Comments

Want to know how Wonder Woman and Superman have sex? 'Texts From Superheroes' reveals this and other secrets via snarky text messages between superheroes.

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Texting While Flying Causes Its First Fatal Aircraft Crash

By | 5 Comments

Texting while flying is a terrible idea. Especially if you're flying a freaking medical helicopter.


The Five Stages of Text Grief


Know the signs - you or someone you love may be suffering from the five stages of text grief.


Text Messaging Apparently On The Decline

By | 8 Comments

No, we will not use the term "OMG!" to describe the decline of text messaging. We have some dignity. Now where's that Borat thong?


Here’s Why You Never Randomly Text A Reddit Prankster

By | 11 Comments

A guy texting, "Hey, I'm outside" to a random number learns the hard way not to prank the prankster, and the saga unfolds in two Reddit threads.

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