Jimmy Kimmel Has His Staff Share Their Most Embarrassing Mom Texts In Honor Of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is Sunday, which is either a grand time to show how much you love the woman that brought you into this world or a stressful time where you have to act like you come from a normal household. Most folks are the latter, but there’s still plenty of the former in there too. You can’t deny the craziness in your DNA, so there comes a time where you accept and embrace it.

That’s what most of the staff on Jimmy Kimmel Live have done, sharing some of their oddest text messages from their mothers in order to help the host celebrate the holiday. Some of the messages are the type of meandering information dumps you’d expect from your parents in text form, but others are just mean. Telling your son that nobody likes you is just kinda cruel, even if it’s true and honest. Give some of that constructive criticism like the other parents, telling their daughter to lose a little weight before she can’t lose it.

I would kill for a check in on my imaginary girlfriend or a report on the hijinks that Al Roker is getting into today. It would really help to create the bridge I’ve been looking for between my lady love and my family.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)