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Here’s How Micro-Transactions Are Destroying The Gaming Industry

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If you think the micro-transactions in so-called free-to-play games are often ridiculous killjoy experiments in behavioral economics, you're not alone.


Parents Of The Year Name Baby After A ‘Mass Effect’ Character

By | 12 Comments

2014 already has its Parents of the Year candidates in the couple who have a baby named after 'Mass Effect'.


Twitter Insists #YouWereHotUntil You Did Literally Anything

By | 12 Comments

#YouWereHotUntil you started using Twitter. I'm sorry, I just can't get past that.


“We’ll NEVER Stop Making Awful Twilight Movies,” Vows Lionsgate CEO


Okay, first I should admit that wasn't a real quote in the headline, but it is what I heard in my head after I smashed it against the desk, and that's close enough to reality for me.


NBC Benches ‘Community,’ Britta’d Up Their Whole Schedule

By | 5 Comments

Relevant because the Community staff is getting spanked.


Ghostfellas Reality Series Will Pit Guidos Against Ghosts. Seriously.

By | 13 Comments

<a href="">Anthony DeVito</a> is probably accustomed to casting notices for roles based on Italian stereotypes, but this one was so bad he couldn't let it slide.

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