Twitter Insists #YouWereHotUntil You Did Literally Anything

Hashtags on Twitter are less a way to follow the trends and fads of human beings as they wash against the shores of our culture like a gentle tide and more a demonstration of how incredibly shallow human beings are willing to be in public. Seriously, if the aliens see Twitter first, we’ll be lucky if they don’t nuke us from orbit. Enter #YouWereHotUntil
The latest hashtag is the self-explanatory #YouWereHotUntil, which of course Twitter has run with as a way to be supportive, generous, and open-minded, like always. Needless to say, if you were desperately worried about being sexually appealing to the kind of person who follows hashtags on Twitter, they have plenty of advice for you.
So, for your edification, here are the multitude of minor details that turn you into a hideous troll.