“We’ll NEVER Stop Making Awful Twilight Movies,” Vows Lionsgate CEO

Okay, first I should admit that wasn’t a real quote in the headline, but it is what I heard in my head after I smashed it against the desk, and that’s close enough to reality for me. Certainly more realistic and planned out than any Stephenie Meyer prose.

For those blissfully unaware, Twilight is the seizure-inducing sparkly vampire franchise which totally invented werewolves. The movies are made by Summit Entertainment, which was bought out last Friday by Lionsgate for $412.5 million in cash and stock. Negotiations go back to 2008, but Summit was ready to sell now that their last movie in their big franchise (Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2) will be releasing this November. You may know Lionsgate as the company that has made about eleventy bazillion Saw movies. So it should be no surprise they’re now looking to milk the Twilight franchise long after what Summit planned to be the final movie. The LA Times asked Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer about the possibility of extending the franchise:

“It’s hard for me to imagine a movie that does $700 million-plus [Ed.- “Breaking Dawn Part 1” has made $697 million so far, and this is why we can’t have nice things.] doesn’t have ongoing value. It’s an amazing franchise that they have done a great job of maintaining with absolutely no deterioration. So the simple answer is ‘Boy I hope so.'”

The Times reports an insider told them a TV adaptation could happen. Lionsgate does have a television production unit (whereas Summit did not), so the Times asked Feltheimer if a TV adaptation was possible. He responded, “I would certainly hope so.” I imagine, after saying that, his eyes rolled back revealing dollar signs and coins flew out of his mouth to the sound of slot machines and a tugboat horn.

[Image credits: LOLblog and Pleated-Jeans]