Sorry, San Antonio Spurs, I Like Your HEB Commercial But I’m Still Going To Randalls

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It's not as low-rent as the <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2012/11/oklahoma-city-thunder-norman-chrysler-jeep-dodge-commercial" target="_blank">Oklahoma City Thunder shilling Jeeps</a>, but here are the San Antonio Spurs in a commercial for steaks from Texas supermarket chain H-E-B because, hey, I have that grocery store.


Another Massive Round Of Vintage Nike Print Ads

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Sunday morning's were once reserved for newspaper reading over a cup of coffee.


NBA Player Movement: Blake Griffin Signs $95 Million Extension, Rashard Lewis Wants A Ring

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Tuesday proved very eventful in NBA land, highlighted by a pair of All-Star power forwards opting to re-up with the teams that drafted them.


ROFLMNBAO: The Long, Fashionable History Of Ridiculous Glasses In The NBA

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With the table now set for the NBA Finals, as the Miami Heat will take on the Oklahoma City Thunder starting tomorrow night at 9 PM, I wanted to address a very important topic before we get all analytical on your asses.


15 Ironic T-Shirts The NBA Should Also Sell

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When Orlando Magic and eventual Brooklyn Nets center Dwight Howard agreed to sign his one-year extension to "let the Magic try to keep him", a lot of people were pissed off at Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade when he made fun of Howard on Twitter for his overzealous use of the word "loyalty".


5.29 The Cooler

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Ashley Logan Bill Clinton Photo With Porn Stars Brooklyn Lee And Tasha Reign Explained <a href="http://gossiponthis.com/2012/05/26/bill-clinton-photo-with-porn-stars-brooklyn-lee-tasha-reign-explained">[GOT]</a> The Secret To A Long Life Is.


8 Points To Watch In The Thunder Vs. Spurs Series

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While sports prognosticators forecast an Eastern Conference Finals full of egos, technical fouls and flops, the Western Conference has provided basketball fans everywhere with the prospect of a seven-game series worth salivating over.


Is Tim Duncan The Greatest Player Of His Generation?

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If Tim Duncan retired today, he'd be remembered as the single greatest power forward in basketball history, owner of four championship rings and three NBA Finals MVPs.


Internet Artist of the Day of the Week: Double Scribble's NBA Fan Art

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I’m a big sucker for fan art – well, appropriate fan art – and that’s why I’ve been pounding my desk all morning over the news that the <a href="http://gigaom.com/2012/05/15/patent-troll-tries-to-mangle-hand-craft-site-etsy/">world’s biggest patent troll is going after Etsy’s new $40 million investment</a>.


3.26 The Cooler

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Catya Washington Bill Self Creating Legacy At Roy Williams' Kansas <a href="http://www.cbssports.com/collegebasketball/story/18049196/self-creating-own-legacy-in-kansas-program-previously-ran-by-roy">[CBS Sports]</a> The Hidden Gems Inside Tumblr’s Terms of Service Agreement <a href="http://www.betabeat.com/2012/03/23/the-hidden-gems-inside-tumblrs-terms-of-service-agreement/">[Beta Beat]</a> Guess What's the Fastest-Adopted Gadget of the Last 50 Years <a href="http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2012/03/guess-whats-the-fastest-adopted-gadget-of-the-last-50-years/254948/">[The Atlantic]</a> Tim Duncan Receives A “Did Not Dress – Old” <a href="http://www.hardwoodparoxysm.com/2012/03/tim-duncan-receives-a-did-not-dress-old/">[Hardwood Paroxysm]</a> What Happens to “Us” When Obama Is No Longer President.


ROFLMNBAO: The NBA All-Star Game Is Upon Us!

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I was hoping that by this point in the week I’d have some fun little anecdotes to share about how Orlando is shaping up for All-Star Weekend, but short of about 60 more homeless people than usual and some banners, I haven’t noticed much yet.


Full Court Press: The Potential Trio Of Tracy McGrady, Grant Hill & Tim Duncan

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Don't let what happened last summer in South Beach or what could <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2011/12/lakers-supposedly-interested-in-acquiring-both-chris-paul-and-dwight-howar">potentially occur</a> in Los Angeles or New York fool you.


J.R. Smith Continues To Turn Tricks On The Spurs

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<a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2010/12/video-jr-smith-dunks-on-gary-neal"> The San Antonio Spurs may be virtually unbeatable but J.R. Smith still has their number when it comes to posterizing the defenders. Last time, <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2010/12/video-jr-smith-dunks-on-gary-neal">it was Gary Neal</a> who was victim to an aerial attack.


TSS 2010 NBA Playoff Preview: Western Conference Semi-Finals – Phoenix Suns Vs. San Antonio Spurs

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<a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2010/05/tss-2010-nba-playoff-preview-western-conference-semi-finals-phoenix-suns-vs-san-antonio-spurs"> On the surface, calling the San Antonio Spurs and Phoenix Suns history a "rivarly" may not be accurate. The Spurs have clipped the Suns four times in the past five seasons. But while it may not be a "rivalry" in the literal sense, bad blood most definitely remains. Losing to a team multiple times over multiple years fosters and helps build that sense of resentment. The lasting image of Robert Horry <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcIhHOplWws">shoulder-checking Steve Nash</a> into the announcers table is one of the more memorable and infamous events in playoff history.


4.20 The Cooler

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<a href="http://blog.singersroom.com/celebs/index.php/2010/04/19/say-what-whoppi-goldberg-wants-sidibe-for-biopic/"> Maria Maria Whoopi Goldberg Wants Gabourey Sidibe For Biopic <a href="http://blog.singersroom.com/celebs/index.php/2010/04/19/say-what-whoppi-goldberg-wants-sidibe-for-biopic/">[Singersroom]</a> Flash Mobs Are The Best Thing To Happen Since Sliced Bread <a href="http://flisted.com/96949/flash-mobs-are-the-best-thing-to-happen-since-sliced-bread/">[F-Listed]</a> 5 Songs That Will Bring Out The Inner Stripper In You <a href="http://ihadheard.com/2010/04/5-songs-that-will-bring-out-the-inner-stripper-in-you/">[I Had Heard]</a> Nelly Confronts Kat Stacks On Air <a href="http://hiphopwired.com/2010/04/19/nelly-confronts-kat-stacks-on-air-audio/">[Hip Hop Wired]</a> U.


TSS 2009 NBA Preview: Western Conference

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The NBA is ready to launch another Donaghy-free season and we couldn’t be happier.

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