The City Of San Antonio Is Having ‘Tim Duncan Day,’ And Deals Are Everywhere

tim duncan
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When Tim Duncan finally hung up his spurs with the – um – Spurs, he left a tall, stately hole in an organization and city that had spent 19 years with him at their center. The future still looks bright for the basketball team, but nobody is quite done thanking Tim for all of his contributions. With that in mind, Thursday, July 21 was named the first annual Tim Duncan Day in the city, with local businesses featuring 21-themed specials in honor of the only uniform number Duncan ever had in the NBA.

The most notable promotion is San Antonio-area McDonald’s turning all 20-nugget meals into 21-nugget meals until July 31. Duncan would definitely approve of that value. Other specials include 21-cent tacos at a few local establishments, and an animal shelter offering the first 21 adoptions of the day for only $21, a staggering and massively charitable discount when you consider the razor-thin margins shelters on which shelters often operate.

It might not be much to start with (besides all those extra McNuggets), but next year, we’d be willing to bet the whole town gets in on the 21-themed discounts. $2.10 draft beers? Double payouts on blackjack at the casinos? Let your imaginations run wild, San Antonio. The Big Fundamental deserves it.

(Via KSAT)