The EPA Purges Climate Change From Their Website As Thousands March In Protest Of Trump

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Thousands of protesters marched in D.C. in a bid to get the Trump administration to change its stance on climate change. Sadly for demonstrators, the Environmental Protection Agency provided a startling example of what they’re marching against.

On Friday, the EPA purged most of its climate change information from its website. This mass deleting doesn’t come as too much of a surprise with President Trump calling for the removal of the subject from the official site in January. (Trump believes that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese.) The revised version of website was done to more accurately reflect the environmental views of the current administration.

As planned, demonstrators came out across America on Saturday to protest the president and his policies. Like the Science March, the activists were vocal in demanding change. The highest profile protest came in near 90 °F conditions in D.C. Thousands marched in the nation’s capital with signs raised.

“Trump is undoing everything Obama did. He doesn’t realize climate change impacts everyone. It impacts him,” Michele Holmes told CNN. Holmes bussed from Harlem to attend the Washington protest. “Change is inevitable, and only we can solve it — the impact is just changing the way we live.”

Sister marches took place from coast-to-coast with the same sentiment on Trump’s state of environmental affairs being echoed. The protests, a form of expression that have become very popular in the Trump age, comes on the same day the current president reaches the 100 day mark in his presidency.

(Via CNN)