Hillary Clinton Grants ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ The First Interview Following Her New Memoir’s Publication

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American Horror Story: Cult isn’t the only major player in the post-2016 presidential election storytelling game. Former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton herself announced she would enter the fray with a new memoir, What Happened, in which the embattled politician “tells the story of what it was like to be the first woman nominated for president in an election marked by rage, sexism” and just about every other negative thing she and her publishers at Simon & Schuster could think of. We already know her account of what it was like standing near Donald Trump is included, but what else?

Interested parties can purchase and read What Happened when it hits stores on Tuesday, September 12th, skim through CNN’s quick read of an advanced copy, or wait until Clinton sits down with CBS Sunday Morning anchor Jane Pauley this weekend. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the news magazine program booked the former state secretary for her first television interview since the book’s publication. The fight for such an honor was likely heated, though as THR notes, CBS Sunday Morning‘s “get” was probably assured since Simon & Schuster is “CBS Corp’s book unit”:

The interview will be conducted later this week. The topics will include “Clinton’s ill-fated White House campaign, her thoughts on President Donald Trump, Russian hacking, former FBI Director James Comey’s effect on the race, her life since Election Day 2016 and her new book,” CBS said.

The interview will, as THR suggests, “surely be parsed to see if Clinton shows remorse and admits that she made mistakes in her campaign.” So expect Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren and the rest of the cable news rotation to digest the former nominee’s best (and worst) sound bytes come late Sunday and early Monday morning. As for Clinton’s recent endorsement of the new progressive-friendly political news platform Verrit, who knows? Maybe Pauley will ask about it.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)