Hillary Clinton Effectively Ends Bernie Sanders, Yet He Refuses To Leave The Race

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Welcome to the fifth and final Super Tuesday of this primary election season. This has been a long and arduous haul for all candidates except for Donald Trump, who’s still having one hell of a great time. After becoming the presumptive Republican nominee, he opted not to adopt a more presidential tone. Instead, he swiftly embarrassed the establishment Republicans right after gaining the endorsement of Paul Ryan. That’s a classic Trump move, yet the party seems surprised.

All the while, Hillary Clinton has been plucking up delegates to add to her superdelegate stash. On Monday, she crossed the 2,382 threshold to clinch the Democratic nomination. The timing didn’t please Senator Bernie Sanders, who refused to acknowledge a nominee until the July convention. He also feels that it’s wrong to declare a presumptive nominee based upon a tally that includes 500 superdelegates, who act regardless of the people’s will.

On this election Tuesday, six states — California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, and South Dakota — will bring their selections to the table. Who will win these states, and does it matter? Sure it does. Sanders needs to justify his promise to contest the convention.