An Explosion At A Philippines Market Kills Multiple People And Injures Dozens More

On Friday night, an explosion at a Davao City market in the Philippines killed at least 10 people and left a reported 60 others injured. CNN reports that safety officials arrived on the scene to treat those that were injured, but the network could not provide additional details of who was responsible.

Witnesses reported they had heard a singular loud bang happen a bit before 11 p.m. and then saw smoke from a massage area that was located in the middle of the street of Roxas Avenue. The area is a standard night market, where a number of thrift shops and food vendors are located.

The Daily Mail reported the explosion may have been targeted at new president Rodrigo Duterte, who lives in the city. Duterte has been seen as controversial by some for his violent war on drugs in the area. Since being sworn in at the end of June, there has been an assassination attempt on him, but Duterte, who was in the city at the time, is reported be safe.

At this time, authorities say details remain scarce, but explosive and ordinance division teams are searching for evidence.

(Via CNN & The Daily Mail)