Devout Catholic Sean Spicer Was Sidelined From Meeting Pope Francis When ‘That’s All He Wanted’

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Trump’s meet and greet with Pope Francis has unleashed the hounds on the internet, mostly because Pope Francis looked unhappy to be there. But, apparently, we must also stop and appreciate for a moment that this isn’t the only misery in the Vatican; Sean Spicer was denied a chance to meet the Pipe.

Spicer’s religion doesn’t come up much, but he’s a devout Catholic. And, according to CNN, Spicer’s only goal this trip was to meet the Pope. And in that, he was denied:

Spicer, for example, is an assistant to the President — the top-ranking title for White House aides — and Catholic, but was informed before the meeting there wasn’t room for him on the roster. Spicer did not respond to a request for comment.

CNN notes that several Trump staffers, most of which technically rank below Spicer, were in attendance at the meeting, and needless to say, many are viewing this as a snub to the embattled press secretary, who has spent months defending Trump’s policies even as reporters call him out for his behavior. He’s also relentlessly mocked by late night comedians (and this bothers Trump immensely).

Such a meeting was, according to a friend interviewed by CNN, “all he wanted.” And, of course, the fact that it was leaked in the first place indicates that yet again, the Trump administration’s factions might be attempting to get one up on one another again, this time by rubbing salt in the wound. You know, exactly what you should use a meeting with the Holy Father for.

(via CNN)