You Can’t Unsee Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer Making Out With Donald Trump On ‘SNL’

05.14.17 11 months ago 2 Comments

On Friday, Melissa McCarthy was spotted riding around New York City on a podium while dressed as Donald Trump’s bumbling press secretary Sean Spicer. That’s not only the most 2017 sentence ever, but an intriguing premise for an SNL sketch. It didn’t matter what she was yelling over the midtown Manhattan traffic — it was simply fun to see an Oscar-nominated actress dressed as the guy who coined the unfortunate term “Holocaust center.”

But during tonight’s episode, we finally got some context for the videos.

The sketch begins with Sarah Huckabee Sanders filling in for Spicer, who was hiding behind some bushes outside the press room. It took all of about 20 seconds, though, before “Spicey’s back, Sarah’s out.” From there, we’re treated to a Donald Trump nesting doll, with James Comey as Jake the Dog from Adventure Time, Hillary Clinton as Maleficent, Steve Bannon as Slimer, and Jeff Sessions as Pikachu before Spicey travels to New York to talk to her boss. Has he been lying to Spicer? Only since he started working for the president. Then we’re treated to a truly horrifying make out session.

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