Steve Bannon Will Return As A Regular Co-Host On Breitbart’s Daily 3-Hour SiriusXM Show

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Since departing (“or being fired from,” depending on who you ask) his White House advisor role over the summer, Steve Bannon has wasted precious little time re-firing the engines at and campaigning for alleged pedophile Roy Moore. Bannon is now set to resume one of his high-profile pre-2016 election activities: hosting a Breitbart-branded talk radio program on SiriusXM’s Patriot channel.

Bannon will return as the regular host of Breitbart News Daily, a show that became a frequent stop along the campaign trail for GOP contenders. In announcing Bannon’s return, SiriusXM also described new programming featuring other “political thought leaders” like Sebastian Gorka.

The SiriusXM press release was released simultaneously with Bannon returning to Alabama to campaign for Roy Moore ahead of next week’s Senate election. Bannon plans to bring “fire and fury” to the campaign when speaking at an event being held for Moore:

He plans to go hard after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who until recently had looked for ways to get Moore out of the race because of the sexual allegations. And he’ll say that the “deplorables” — of whom he considers himself a leader — are responsible for Trump endorsing Moore and the Republican National Committee reversing its earlier decision to cut Moore off and going back into Alabama this week.

He’ll say that Jones is both a radical progressive and someone the McConnell-led Senate GOP would rather see elected than a member of their own party.

The event will be held three days before Trump travels to Pensacola, Florida — a town near the Florida-Alabama border — a sign that President Trump and Bannon are in sync four months after the Breitbart executive’s ouster.

(Via The Hill & CNN)