Rep. Steve Scalise Has Been Re-Admitted To The ICU In ‘Serious Condition’ Due To Infection

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Almost a month after a brazen attack on members of Congress during a practice for the Congressional Baseball Game, Representative Steve Scalise is being taken back to the ICU in serious condition. A statement by Medstar Washington Hospital Center updated Scalise’s condition to serious and moved him back to the ICU over “new concerns for infection” that have apparently hindered his recovery. Scalise was admitted to the hospital following the shooting in “imminent risk of death” and faced several procedures to save his life in the days that followed.

According to the Times-Picayune, the shooting fractured Scalice’s pelvis and damaged several of his internal organs, but had been moved out of the ICU on June 23rd.

The hospital has noted that they will provide an update on Thursday after more information is gathered on Scalise’s condition. The June 14th shooting injured five, including Scalise, and left gunman James T. Hodgkinson dead from his injuries. The incident sparked several responses from both sides of aisle, including a few that have gained controversy as time passes, and provided an emotional charge to the Congressional Baseball Game that overshadowed the infighting that had been prevalent before the shooting. It was a nice moment, if only for a day.

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