Andy Samberg Says Charles Barkley Tried To Entice The ‘SNL’ Cast To Atlantic City

Andy Samberg was on Inside the NBA tonight because he’s a Warriors fan “through Run-TMC and the choke.” Besides that, he’s a TV star, we guess, and more importantly for Monday night’s festivities, he’s comfortable making fun of Chuck a little bit.

Barkley had hosted Saturday Night Live before back when Samberg was a cast member and Andy wanted Charles to know he “killed it.” They also showed an old still from the show where Samberg looks to be 14 years old and Barkley more than 14 pounds heavier.

Besides poking fun at how they used to look, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star also alluded to Chuck’s penchant for the gaming tables when he mentioned how Barkley tried to get the whole cast to Atlantic City the Friday before their big night.

“He was trying to convince us all to go to Atlantic City on Friday,” Sandberg said.

To which Barkley replied, “We didn’t work until Saturday night.”