Three Sixers Fans Got Ejected For Getting Into It With Carmelo Anthony

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the biggest road draws in the NBA, thanks to the combination of the large number of Laker fans around the country and how fans of the home team flock to root against the Lakers.

That can create great atmospheres for regular season games, but it also can lead to fans crossing the line, as we’ve unfortunately seen on a few occasions with the Lakers on the road in the past few years. LeBron James has been at the center of a pair of fan incidents in the past year — one in Atlanta and one in Indiana — as he’s had games stopped to eject fans who go too far in their chirping at him. On Thursday, it was Carmelo Anthony who had enough of some fans in Philadelphia who engaged him during a Sixers blowout win.

A pair of fans seated a couple rows behind the scorer’s table got pointed out by Melo and were tossed for whatever they said, and then as that was going on a courtside fan got in Melo’s ear and earned himself an early exit as well.

On the broadcast, Ian Eagle points out that the two on the sideline fans were giving it to Melo for a few possessions before he finally had enough, while the one in the corner earned his ejection quickly for getting in Melo’s ear as security dealt with the other two. Per Chris Haynes, the fan repeatedly called Anthony “boy” as he jeered him.