Ranking DeMarcus Cousins’ Best ‘You Gotta Be F*cking Kidding Me’ Faces Of 2016

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While it wasn’t necessarily one of the (*holds megaphone in front of another megaphone*) biggest NBA moments of 2016, my favorite running “gag” of the year has been Boogie vs the World. I guess it’s not fair to call it a gag, because every time DeMarcus Cousins turns around, he’s whistled for a technical or someone writes 1,000 sh*tty words about him. That’s probably not very funny to him. That’s not to say he doesn’t hurt himself by hitting the clubs on the team’s road trips, but that’s up to the judge, and not a sports columnist, to decide.

Cousins’ frustration was on full display against the Portland Trail Blazers this week, when he was ejected and then un-ejected for totally not spitting his mouthpiece at his opponents. Cousins announced and reiterated several times that the treatment he receives from refs is “RIDICULOUS!” and he’s sort of right. He definitely draws a lot of attention and gets some calls that’ll make you pee laughing, but the rest of the time he’s just selling his snake oil like the rest of the league’s bad actors.

But it’s that salesmanship that I’m honoring today, because his outrage, both fake and real, gives us one of my favorite things about the NBA this year: The DeMarcus Cousins “You Gotta Be F*cking Kidding Me!’ Face. Here, now, are my favorite Boogie faces of 2016.

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