Kenyon Martin Held Nothing Back As He Went Off On ‘Terrible Person’ George Karl

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George Karl has a new book coming out called Furious George, and much like he did in his coaching career, he appears to have used the pages to blame players for the shortcomings of his team, even going so far as to say that Kenyon Martin didn’t fulfill his potential because he didn’t have a father figure. Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith also got their share of shade thrown at them, and while J.R. responded with pity and Melo hasn’t responded at all, Martin was hopping mad.

It speaks to how poor Karl’s reputation is among players he’s coached that few are surprised he would stoop to such a level in his book. Martin is justifiably mad at Karl’s way-out-of-line comments, but it should be said that Karl had success not only because of the talent on his rosters, but because he was very skilled with X’s and O’s. As Martin, Melo, J.R., Reggie Evans and tons of others will tell you, however, it takes more than that to be a truly good coach. Contrast Karl’s style with the culture that Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich have cultivated, and you’ll know what we mean.

We’re not sure if there’s a passage about DeMarcus Cousins in Furious George, but if there is, Boogie’s response could be something special.