The Remake Of ‘Dead Space’ Will Release In January Of 2023

When it comes to horror there are few games that have done it better than Dead Space. The horror game set in space terrified players with a fantastic setting, scary but fun monsters in the Necromorphs, and some really cool powers to fight back with. The most unique part of Dead Space at the time though was how the player fought back against the Necromorphs by shooting off their limbs. Everyone knows that the key to success in a horror game is resource management and Dead Space forced players to treat every shot with the utmost care in a unique way.

These days, the ability to attack specific limbs is a little bit more common but that hasn’t changed the legacy that Dead Space left behind and that’s also why it’s really exciting that a remake is coming. First announced at E3 2021, a remake of Dead Space is on the way and on Thursday we were given a release date for the upcoming horror game.

January 27, 2023! While the tweet above doesn’t give much information about the game, the official Dead Space YouTube account has tons of new information from a showcase stream that took place earlier on Thursday. It features an in-depth look into the details of how they took such a terrifying game and made it look even scarier.