Halo Support Has Fixed The Blue Screen Issue On The ‘Halo Infinite’ Beta

On Monday, the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta surprise dropped and caught a lot of us off guard. Everyone immediately rushed to their PCs and Xbox’s to try and download the game as quickly as possible. Those who are blessed with faster internet, or managed to get through the servers, were able to get on and play the game first. Unfortunately, not everyone was quite as lucky with their own downloads.

A handful of players are discovering that when they download and launch the game they can’t actually get into the multiplayer beta. Instead what they’re facing is a blank blue screen and nothing else. With Halo Infinite being a Microsoft developed title, everyone swiftly made a blue screen of death jokes but there was concern about why some people couldn’t get into the game. The official response was that a beta build was still being pushed through and a handful of downloads might need to wait on a patch until the game is playable. Eventually, that patch was pushed so players should be able to access the game now, but a handful of players are having to re-download the game altogether. An inconvenience, but a minor one in the grand scheme of everything.

The assumed reason for why the blue screen error occurred in the first place is that the download some players had was only part of the game. It was basically a placeholder code that would then be added to so players could play the game. However, if players launched the game too early all they did was access the placeholder code and end up with the blue screen problem.

Now that the solution is slowly moving towards being fixed we can spend less time worrying about blue screens and more time slaying in multiplayer.