‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ Hosted An Event Inside ‘Fortnite’ Because Of The Metaverse

Watchers of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon know that he’s not one to shy away from weird ideas or whatever happens to be popular at the moment — remember that time he pumped up NFTs? So when it was announced that he would be hosting a show within Fortnite, it honestly wasn’t as shocking as you might think.

Not only has Fortnite already played host to huge events like concerts for Ariana Grande, but by the game’s design, it’s the perfect place to host a collaboration between a talk show and a video game. This is the same game where you can currently find Goku fighting Iron Man while a giant banana person named Peely does the griddy with LeBron James. A virtual New York based on The Tonight Show seems pretty tame in comparison.

What is a little odd is the reasoning for why this event was held. As we said, doing collaborations with Fortnite is a pretty regular thing. According to the official press release, they’re doing this because they wanted to get involved in the “metaverse.” It also is apparently not an official collaboration with Epic Games, so they must have used the in-game creation tool to make it themselves.

While Fortnite is definitely not the metaverse, it probably is the closest thing we have to how it usually gets described right now. So, does this mean that The Tonight Show is now going to start hosting its show within the metaverse forever and we’re all going to have to watch and attend it through virtual screens? Probably not, but it’s pretty neat that you can get such a high level of detail inside the Fortnite creator tool.