‘Pikmin 4’ Was A Surprise Announcement During The Latest Nintendo Direct

It’s hard to call any major Nintendo IP “underrated,” but if any were to fall into that category, it’s probably Pikmin. Nintendo’s odd little resource management/survival/real time strategy game doesn’t have the same level of widespread appeal as a Zelda or a Splatoon, but it has a dedicated following of fans who adore each and every title.

Those fans have been patiently waiting for the moment when the franchise would be receiving a new sequel, and on Tuesday Nintendo delivered to them with a surprise announcement of Pikmin 4. The game is clearly still in the very early stages of development because it didn’t even receive a trailer, but Nintendo did advertise a new camera angle that places the player from the viewpoint of the Pikmin.

We don’t want to glean too much off of that, but it’s possible this title will be focused more on the intimidating wild creatures of these worlds, and a new camera angle would definitely help with that.

We probably won’t be seeing this new game anytime soon, but it would be very cool if sometime next summer we got a new trailer showing off all the cool features we can expect in Pikmin 4. For now, fans will just have to be excited that we’re getting a new game at all.