The PlayStation 5 And New Xbox Continues To Elude Gamers And They’re Melting Down On Twitter

Next-gen console season is upon us, and the standard problems that come with new machines from Sony and Microsoft are also here. Namely, that too many people want new consoles for demand to meet, which makes for a lot of angry folks online each time consoles become available.

The latest instance of online outrage came on Thursday, as Walmart once again promised more consoles coming on the market. Unless you got a preorder (or a review copy) it may be a struggle to find a console in stores, which is why many have taken to online ordering to find a new Xbox or PlayStation 5. But unfortunately, the same problems emerged among frustrated gamers who got all the way to the “place order” part of buying a console before discovering thing Walmart was out of stock.

And much like when sneakerheads take Ls on the SNKRS app, gamers quickly turned the latest missed opportunity on a new console into a meme of its own.

Even the Iron Sheik is fed up.

It’s important to note that this scarcity is temporary, and there are exactly zero games currently on the market that cannot be played on the last-gen consoles. But newer is better, and there’s certainly a lot of interest among gamers in hunkering down this winter with the latest in tech. It’s just a lot harder to do it than they’d like.