Extras Are Having A Hard Time Handling The Nudity On The Set Of ‘Magic Mike XXL’

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10.15.14 19 Comments

Filming for Magic Mike XXL is well underway in fabulous Myrtle Beach and Savannah, and obviously the locals are buzzing about the sudden boom of bulges. Despite the fact that the sequel to the ridiculously successful 2012 film lost Matthew McConaughey to a case of Oscaritis, XXL has added Michael Strahan, Donald Glover, Ellen’s “gardener” and others to earn the title, The Expendables of Dong Shaking. But heading into casting, there were still some roles to fill. Specifically, 300 roles, as Magic Mike XXL obviously needs its screaming strip club ladies, and even some more hunks, so the casting team has been, ahem, hard at work using Facebook to recruit some loyal extras*.

The response seems to have been overwhelming, as one post from yesterday claimed that they’d received 2,000 submissions in a period of three hours. I can only imagine that the actual filming is just as hectic, what with random women being hauled in and out to get glimpses of Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer and all of the other dong-shakers. In fact, it’s so hectic that some women can’t seem to handle what they’ve signed up for.

For tomorrow – casting African American, Hispanic and Asian women to play strip club patrons. DO NOT SUBMIT if you are not comfortable around nudity and acts of a sexual nature. (Seriously… we warn you guys like a bazillion times and we had three women leave this morning. Girl.) Must be available all day long. Working in Savannah.

For Friday and possibly Monday (they are going to try to finish the entire scene on Friday… but you must also be available Monday) – casting African American, Hispanic and Asian MEN to play strip club patrons. DO NOT SUBMIT if you are not comfortable around nudity and acts of a sexual nature. (Via Facebook)

Seriously, people, if you can’t handle dong, you will not stay long. If you can’t be around the love muscle, then out the door you must hustle. And if you won’t let a sweaty bulge of man meat graze your face, you gots to get the hell out of this place. I should have been a male strip club DJ is what I’m trying to say.

*Of course, there’s also always a 50/50 chance that it’s a terrible scam to get women to submit photos so they can end up using them in Craigslist porn ads.

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