Discussing The Sopranos Season 6A Finale With Brendan James, On Pod Yourself A Gun

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Is AJ a virgin? Does Tony lay pipe? Who did 9/11? Who assassinated JFK? These are just some of the hard-hitting questions Matt and Vince try to answer on this week’s edition of Pod Yourself A Gun with the help of guest Brendan James, co-host, producer, and music composer of the Blowback podcast, Brendan joins the pod to discuss The Sopranos season 6A episode twelve, “Kaisha.” (Bonus: Hear our interview with Robert Iler, the actor who played AJ, here).

There is a definitive answer to the question about AJ’s virginity in the episode, as we see him bribe some noisy neighborhood teens with a mountain bike (“it’s a Gary Fisher”) to get them to go somewhere else long enough to give his new 30-year-old single mom friend from work the peace and quiet she needs to climb up on Anthony Jr Jr. Inspired by the scene, I’ve been driving around with a lightly-used mountain bike in the back of my Ford Explorer, and so far it has not lead to sex. But I’m hopeful.

The question posed on the pod is, was this AJ’s first time? He’s definitely hanging around girls his age throughout the show, but as Matt points out, he’s got the energy of a guy who has resigned himself to a life of sweaty handjobs.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg.