‘The Wire’ Rewatch Podcast: Pod Yourself The Wire 210, ‘Storm Warnings,’ With James Fritz

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“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a Greek guy with a gun.” -James Fritz

On the latest The Wire rewatch podcast episode, comedian and writer from The Frankie Quinones Show, James Fritz joins Matt and Vince on Pod Yourself TheWire to discuss The Wire season two episode nine, “Storm Warnings.”

Well, Ziggy has really gone and done it now, hasn’t he? Congratulations to all the Ziggy haters out there, you got what you wanted — two dead Greeks. Ziggy and his huge hog burned too damn bright for the Bawlmer ports, and while he lives to tell his own heartless tale to Jay Landsman, there will be no more Zig on The Wire.

During the episode, there is a conversation about the actor who plays Lamar (Brother Mouzone’s valet), and how he, like too many cast members, is no longer with us. The recording took place the day before we also lost the actor who played Daniels, Lance Reddick. RIP to another real one. Here’s an interview he did after the third season and before the show really took off.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg