‘The Wire’ Rewatch Podcast: S2E11, ‘Bad Dreams’ With Author Leah Carroll — Early Access

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“Neither of them can do a Baltimore accent.” -Leah Carroll.

Writer and Pod Yourself favorite, Leah Carroll returns to The Wire rewatch podcast Pod Yourself The Wire bearing gifts, to talk to Matt and Vince about The Wire season two, episode 11, “Bad Dreams.”

In an act of preparation that would put the producer of this podcast to shame, Leah dug up a clip from a Dominic West and Micheal K. Williams’ audio commentary on episode six of this season, in which you hear, in rapid succession, Dominic West complimenting his own looks, and then the two of them reverently assessing Nicky’s girlfriends “beautiful knockers.” The death of the DVD commentary is the worst thing to happen to media in our lifetime.

This episode of The Wire, if you can even believe it, is a bit of a bummer. Frank is walking directly into his almost certain death to try to help his dumbass son Ziggy out of another mess. Omar is hoodwinked by Stringer Bell and, oopsie, shoots the wrong guy. Meanwhile, Daniels realizes that Landsmen bungled his Sobotka connection. It’s almost like these guys don’t really care about solving problems and just want to not get yelled at, cash a check, and hang out at a bar with no wives.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg