Vito’s Lost Weekend: Discussing ‘Johnnycakes’ On Pod Yourself A Gun, With Guest Leah Carroll

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Writer, podcaster, and author of Down City: A Daughter’s Story of Love, Memory, and Murder, Leah Carroll joins Matt & Vince to talk about Vince’s favorite episode of The Sopranos, season 6a episode 8, “Johnny Cakes.”

Leah is a uniquely qualified guest, as she has a personal connection to an actual Rhode Island mob figure named Nicky Bianco, who introduced her to arugula. That’s the new bar. You cannot be a guest on PYAG unless you have been fed by an actual made guy. If a Gotti made you leek soup, hit us up. If not, just keep enjoying the slop we’re shoveling in your bowl, piggy.

In a bit of a reversal, the Soprano crime family’s most notorious bottom, Vito, is introduced to the titular Rhode Island delicacy by a volunteer firefighter beefcake named Johnny. Vito can receive what Johnny’s feeding him, but can he receive the love and affection he craves? As noted on the pod, this show was made for the modern cynical misanthrope, so don’t count on love setting anyone free.

While Vito is trying to find himself in New Hampshire, our favorite failson, AJ Soprano, is in New Jersey doing the same. Working at Blockbuster has its perks. He had an opportunity study knife fights in movies and utilize the techniques in an assassination attempt on Uncle Junior. But, AJ being AJ, he fumbles the blade before he has a chance to avenge his father. AJ is good guy, in that he is too soft and incompetent to kill someone. Poor guy never even had a chance (to gain his father’s approval through murder).

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-Description by Brent Flyberg.