Zack Snyder And Bruce Timm Made An Animated Short For Superman’s 75th Anniversary

Man of Steel director Zack Snyder and Bruce Timm, the artist behind the Superman: The Animated Series, teamed up to create this 2-minute short film that honors the 75th anniversary of DC’s most celebrated comic book superhero. The video takes us from the very first days of Action Comics all the way to Henry Cavill’s most recent turn as the iconic alien in Snyder’s decently-received retelling of Superman’s origin.

Of course, we also get to see everything in between, and it’s an incredible reminder of how many different times the Superman franchise jumped the shark, as well as the times that made up remember how badass Clark Kent’s alter ego can truly be when executed properly. But it included my favorite Superman comic book cover of all-time (that I’ve included after the jump) and that makes it’s a pretty nice stroll down memory lane.

I can’t believe I forgot Jimmy Olsen as the turtle boy in my offering of Superman and Batman titles that should be used as the plot in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film. Just imagine how awesome a giant ginger turtle monster would be!