The ‘Accounting+’ Game From People Behind ‘Rick And Morty’ And ‘Stanley Parable’ Gets A Bonkers Trailer

10.18.18 7 months ago

Virtual reality is “the hottest new trend, it’s the hottest new future of entertainment,” according to Rick Sanchez. “You’ll never understand its majesty. VR for everyone. Everyone with a box on their face, Morty. One day you’ll understand, Morty. It’s raining money here in VR land. It’s raining money, ha ha! Wubba lubba dub-dub!” Perhaps that’s why the people behind Rick and Morty, Minit, and The Stanley Parable are releasing a follow-up 2016’s Accounting today, Accounting+.

Accounting+ adds new levels (including a space level, which is very relevant to the life of an accountant) and other features, as explained (“explained”) in the trailer, which is bonkers.

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