You Can Play ‘Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’ Ahead Of Its Late November Release In A Few Simple Steps

Aside from a few boo-birds upset about micro-transactions, Nintendo hit it out of the park with their reveal of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camper. The legions of fans that have followed the series over the last 15 years are getting a full-fledged Animal Crossing experience on their phones, which is the perfect platform for your cutesy digital campground away from home. The only problem is that it comes out “late November” for iOS and Android. The wait is enough to make you go Full Mr. Resetti. Thankfully, there’s an easy workaround to playing the game right now.

Here’s how, in a few simple steps.

Log Out Of Your Current Apple ID

Open your Settings tab. At the very top will be your Apple ID name. Click it. On your Apple ID page, which shows your email, password and security and payment options, scroll down then Sign Out.

Go To The App Store

Once you’re in the App Store, click the little blue person (Tobias Fünke?) in the top-right corner. This will prompt you to sign in, or create a new Apple ID. You’ll have to create a new ID in this case. Make sure whatever email you’re using isn’t already connected to an Apple account. You may need to create a new email if need be.

Select Australia As Your Country

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camper is out via limited release in Australia right now. Like Jar Jar Binks and Episode 1, choosing Australia as your country is the key to all of this.

Billing Information And Email Verification

You can skip your billing information by choosing “none” after Paypal and Credit Card, but you’ll have to enter an Australian address. You can just enter an Australian hotel.

Next, you’ll need to verify your new email address for your new Apple ID.

You’re close to enjoying fruit:

Search The App Store For Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

The game may not show up automatically, so just search for it and then you’ll be basking in the glory of working yourself into a life of crushing consumerism as Tom Nook reaps the rewards. It’s fun! People are loving it!

Note: Your progress will not save if you plan on moving back to your original Apple ID and Nintendo account once the game releases wide late November.